All the new research says there is NO SAFE AMOUNT of alcohol and that it does absolutely no good for you. But is this true? Are there any benefits at all from booze? Blood thinning, maybe? Feelings of well being? Anything?

Back in the 1970s and 1980s we used to think Red Wine was somehow good for us. Then we realized that was simply wrong, much to the chagrin of the wine industry.

But then a common idea was that alcohol, in moderation, was good for you, I remember doctors saying that 1-2 drinks per day was better than not drinking at all.

Now the rule is that there is no safe amount of alcohol, even light drinking is bad, and alcohol provides no health benefits at all.

But c’mon! There’s got to be some benefits? Are there any?

One for me is that a large box of wine allows me to tolerate certain family members at holidays!!!

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