Making booze

So I am starting here as I am unsure the best sub to go to.

I am making several batches of Lemonchello. I’m doing 3 levels. 85 proof, 110 proof, and 150 proof.

I’ll make this quick. The 85 and 150 proof have had the simple syrup added and are doing there 4 week meld. I tried to make these batches Keto friendly as I a big fat fuck and need to cut down on the sugar. I used monkfruit this time. In the 150proof the sugar is recrystalizing during the meld process. I can’t figure out why. The 85 proof is not having this issue.

So my question is: is there a way to prevent this from happening or correct it? It still tastes fine but some Bottles have chunks of monkfruit in them now. So strange. It looks like rock candy from when we were kids. The glass I had last night over ice, when I was done there was an 1/8 inch of monkfruit at the bottom of the glass, but there was none in the bottle when I poured it. I was thinking it might have been cause I was now shitfaced but no, it was really there. Magic!!

Before you say anything, I made the simple syrup on the stove in a large pot with the proper amounts of water to monkfruit and I brought it to a rolling boil for several minutes, verified it was all melted and mixed in and then let it cool for over an hour before mixing. I have made dozens of batches and have never had an issue. So it’s the monkfruit. But can I correct it?

That is why I come to the amazing Reddit people!


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