Is My Alcohol Plan For This Party Brilliant or Idiotic?

I am planning an event this weekend where we will be providing alcohol to between 100-200 guests, many of them in the 40-60 age range, for about 3-4 hours in the late afternoon/early evening. Beer and wine only. My budget for the alcohol is only $1000, or $900 before tax. We will have a bar and a bartender. Here is what I came up with. Please tell me if people are going to ridicule me for this:

One case of red blend wine (12 bottles) One case of dry white wine (12 bottles) One case of sweet white wine (probably reisling, 12 bottles) 125 bottles of Bud Light 75 Bottles of Budweiser 100 bottles of Michelob Ultra 10 12-packs of Voodoo Ranger IPA variety packs, totaling 120 craft IPAs. This is the main place I question myself. We will have 4 types of IPA, 30 cans of each. It will look like nice variety, but whatever the most popular is, we will run out quickly.

I measure this out to 180 glasses of wine and 420 or so beers. 600 drinks. How did I do?

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