“your true self comes out”

In vinegar veitas and all the many articles about how someone who is drunk does n says things that’s true to their nature…

I’m friendly, mild-mannered, and always give the benefit of the doubt. I am often the only one who sniles at people or goes out of their way to help. I also am scared of confrontation.

Sometimes when I drink I get mean (verbally).

It kind of pisses me off how many articles n sites say your drunk self is who you really are. I’m not mean. But when I drink too much I can be. That’s because I’m too timid in real life.

I think a lot of these articles n sites don’t recognize how many people can act like an ahole all day every day sober n that’s fine but I’m a bad person for finally saying something that I should say sober…

Empowering moment today, I actually spoke up when I saw someone being mean to an animal. Normally I wouldn’t say anything but then next time I drank I’d get angry about it.

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