Review: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch B522 (May 2022)

The second EJBP for 2022 arrived earlier this summer, clocking in at just a hair hotter than A122‘s 120.8 proof. By now you know the drill about what’s in this seasonally released 12 year old bourbon. Let’s dive in.

Toasty but not overly woody on the nose, B522 sets up to be more barrel-forward than some recent Elijah Craig bottlings, though it’s balanced by pepper, cloves, and a rush of dill late in the game. Not much in the way of fruit here, but there’s a ton of spice rolling around in the mix that keeps you engaged.

The palate finds similar elements: Punchy and largely savory, with a touch of red wine in the mix. Black pepper, charred wood, and a somewhat oxidized, stewed fruit character play off one another throughout the experience, and those green, dill-heavy notes keep perking back up. Some mint on the finish, before a retreat to the barrel. Decidedly warming, this feels more appropriate for a winter release than in the dead of summer. Even without that context, it’s a good-not-great expression from the Heaven Hill standby brand.

121 proof.


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