Belly up to smoke/drink parties 24/7 in Discord calls! Ready for a bunch of new friends, and a way to make them gradually and naturally? We’re all on camera, 18+, conversationalists who are very open to newcomers and drink/smoke-friendly!

There is a club for us: interesting adults of the world who are willing to be face-on-cam in our calls. Hang with a group of strangers who become friends in video chats that are open at all hours. We all are on camera so you feel like you’re really with people!

Please click my username to get the invite from my profile or from my other Reddit posts.

I am sorry, I am not trying to make you jump through hoops, and while our club members truly love meeting new people, and most who join love us and stay with us, this subreddit doesn’t allow links.

First thing to do when you join:
see the rules channel (top-left), hit the check mark at the bottom for access to general chat and the entry-level video chats. When you get into the videochats, look for me and say hi – I’m Saul in The Tavern!

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