worried I won’t be able to go to rehab

Hi everyone, hope this post is allowed. I don’t usually use this account because I made it a while back when I couldn’t remember the log in to my other account..

Anyway, due to start rehab tomorrow and sometime during the day they will drug test and breathalyse us. I’m not worried about the drug test, but I last drank the early hours of Sunday morning. Its roughly 32 hours if I’ve calculated right. I drank 8 pint ciders which have 2.3 units in and a cup of wine I’d mixed with lemonade and I went to sleep at 3am.

I’ve googled it and the most I can see that a breathalyser detects alcohol is 24 hours but has anyone known for it to exceed that? It’s abstinence based so if it comes up with anything I’ll have to leave.

It was so stupid of me to drink. Please no mean comments. I just want to know what people’s experiences have been. It would be over 48 hours when I arrive there tomorrow.


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