Hello from Australia, having some drinks today wanted to share, my profile needs more posts and this looks like a good subreddit.

Love my “hot stuff” Jim Beam, whiskey and coke, jack Daniels is also nice.

A nice Jim Beam a tad stronger than usual after a few nights without a drink, first one of the day, got a full 700ml straight bottle.

I’ve just noticed by drinking half of a cup (about a 250 ml per cup) or a little more, I can feel the effects nicely, like I’d be happy if there wasn’t anymore alcohol it’s already that good of a buzz. I’m gaming today, fortnite- yeah I like fort so what, and I can already notice after half a cup, maybe 1.5 standard drinks, I’ve started to lose my inhibition lol, kinda like I don’t care if I lose or attack the wrong way just send it haha.

Anyways I don’t know what this sub is like but I love alcohol, not really an alcoholic but I just love getting drunk, my favourite drink is whiskey, I was on the vodka for a while but after returning to whiskey I love it way more, I’m probably going to get a bottle of rum next time for something different. I hope I am welcome here and that my post is welcome! I may post a better quality photo later on. Have a nice day/night guys.

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