Bourbon Heritage Month Cocktails

Unanimously declared such by the Senate in 2007, September is Bourbon Heritage Month. What makes bourbon different from other whiskeys? By law, its mash must be made of at least 51% corn and aged in charred new oak barrels, lending its trademark sweet-smoky profile that makes it an ideal base from which to build a cocktail. So how are we celebrating the spirited holiday? Here are some of the bourbon cocktails we’ll be mixing to toast America’s native spirit.

Ananda Spritz

A sparkling wine and bourbon cocktail that sings with tropical flavors. 

Artichoke Hold

Maraschino liqueur sweetens a blend of bourbon, Cynar and bitters.

Better Buck Tomorrow

Stone fruit and tea combine for the perfect warm-weather refresher.

The Boulevardier

A cousin of the classic Negroni, the Boulevardier subs in bourbon for gin and can be sipped up or on the rocks.

Brown Derby Cocktail

Named for the restaurants that were a centerpiece of mid-20th century LA, the Brown Derby cocktail has become a familiar mix at bars across the country.

Call It A Night

Averna, PX sherry and a whisper of absinthe bring new flavor to the Manhattan.

Cotillion Cocktail

An elegant mix of bourbon, rum, lemon, and orange.

The Democrat from Prizefighter

Bourbon meets lemon, honey, and peach liqueur in this cocktail from Prizefighter in Emeryville.

Good Samaritan

Bourbon and sherry meet banana liqueur and lemon juice.

Iron Ranger 

A tiki drink made with high-proof bourbon.

Kentucky Bird Cocktail

A whiskey drinker’s Jungle Bird.

Left Hand Cocktail

Sam Ross of New York’s Attaboy created this recipe as “the love child of a Negroni and a Manhattan,” sort of an extra-bitter Boulevardier.

Little Rhody

Coffee milk lends a creaminess to this bourbon and fernet cocktail.

Manhattan and A 1/2

This delicious take cocktail on the classic features a blend of two vermouths and two types of bitters.

The Night Tripper

Two Italian liqueurs add bitterness and complexity to a bourbon base.

Pan Am Sour

This twist on the New York Sour was created by Leyenda co-owner Ivy Mix as an homage to cocktail historian David Wondrich, who also named the drink.

Pop Quiz

An Old Fashioned variation with cola notes and spice.

River Styx

Coffee and chocolate liqueurs play off the richness of bourbon and allspice dram

Whiskey Daisy

Chartreuse brightens up this 19th-century classic.


A delicious homage to Charleston.

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