Trying to figure out what I like to drink, has anyone tried Black Malibu?

Hey yall, I’m trying to find what I like to drink when it comes to alcohol. Not sure if this is a rCocktails question but I have looked around and found out that the best coconut rum does not sell near me (Koloa and Siesta key) so I hopped on total wine and I could only find the usual Malibu, Captain,Largo Bay coconut rum. My biggest issue is that they are all low abv around 20%. I then found Malibu black which is 35% abv, has anyone tried it ? are there any other high abv coconut rum that sells in wholesale stores that taste good?

I have started drinking only a year ago and I stick to beers (Heineken and Corona) because they taste less like beers to me, I tried bud light platinum and it tasted kinda like nothing and Coors light tasted like a corona but less lime. Any beers that you guys would recommend that does not taste like beer? I have tried a “Craft beer” taster at a restaurant and even then all the beers just tasted like beers to me. I am not a huge fan of beer taste which is why Heineken is my favorite beer to drink.

T.L.D.R – What beers would you guys recommend that taste like Heineken or corona that doesnt taste bland and “like” beer?, and any good high ABV cocunut rums that sells at stores like total wine?

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