I’m embarrassed that I got really drunk and angry when I went out to the bar over the weekend

I got super drunk on Friday night with my family and bf and was being mean to random people for no damn reason. Needless to say I’m going to stop drinking so much but I’m trying to understand why I get so mean and angry when I drink. I feel super embarrassed and wish I could go back. I’m normally super chill but when I drink my emotions are all over the place. Some times I’m really nice other times I can be a total bitch, but usually not to random people. I’m 25 (F). I mixed vodka, gin and tequila. I don’t drink often but when I do I have trouble knowing when to stop. I spent all day yesterday just trying to recover. I do enjoy drinking but I don’t like the person I turn it and I’m embarrassed, regretful and feel ashamed. when I’m sober I have really high anxiety and when I go out I feel like drinking helps loosen me up.

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