how to last a whole night of drinking as a lightweight?

hello, i’m 19nb and of east asian descent. i am of legal drinking age in my country.

my mother and father bet whether or not id share my mother’s tolerance or father’s— unfortunately i share it with my mother. i have the signature asian flush and if i drink too quickly i’ll feel dizzy and, worse case scenario, throw up. for obvious reasons, this isn’t fun and though i’ve had my share of terrible experiences— i want to keep drinking.

i’ve learned through trial (and error) that i can last a whole night of drinking if i don’t drink as fast as my peers. the thing is: i don’t know how to pace myself. in the country i’m from, you drink when others drink and drinking is a big part of my culture.

i drink in university and i do want to drink with friends, but i’m a severe lightweight (compounded because i take prozac & concerta). how do i last? how do i pace myself? do i have to give up alcohol?

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