Left sided chest discomfort and shortness of breath after weekend binge

Don’t know if this is the right place to post this but I figured maybe somebody had gone through something similar to what I’m going through currently. So I’m M/20/ about 6,3 and 186 pounds, would consider myself a reasonably fit person, I hit the gym 3-5 times a week and also surf And play football. 3 weeks ago my hometown had a music festival and I went the entire weekend partying, i was drinking more or less the entire time as I was staying at a friends house AKA the party house.. On the Friday I had a bump of coke and a bit of a joint while we were out, but I was drinking like crazy, beer, vodka, whiskey and at times mixing the drinks with redbull, also on the Sunday one of my friends brought around caffeine tablets and I had one of those before our partying occured that night. I would rarely do coke usually once every like 1-3 months, however I do smoke weed quite regularly like 2-5 times a week and I’m also a social smoker when I’m out drinking, I also work in a bar so pretty much every weekend I’ll have a couple beers after work too, and this has been going on for like a year and a half now and no health complications ever, and no family history of anything. But on the Monday night I had to go to ER as I was experiencing some real tightness in the left side of the chest along with shortness of breath and muscle twitching in the arms. Doctor checked my heart rate and BP, all good but EKG showed up sinus arrhythmia, got checked again the following morning and everything was back to normal all good. A week went by and I had no problems but I was severely anxious for like 3 days straight about my blood test results which I took that night thinking of the worst. Anyways the chest discomfort came back, I went to the hospital again and everything was fine, heart rate, BP, EKG, bloods, Chest x-ray, and heart bloods all came back good. Doctor reckons it’s muscle but here I am 3 weeks after the festival and still, i am experiencing discomfort in the left side of the chest and shortness of breath which comes and goes, the pain in chest is more like a discomfort than a pain it’s like someone is very lightly pressing up against the left side of my chest and the shortness of breath isn’t bad at all it’s just annoying like I’ll feel I have to catch my breath after exercising but i can go throughout 70% of the day without noticing anything. Can someone please help me I’m pretty anxious still and I know that ain’t helping the situation at all.

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