Collapse after apple cider(?)

I’m not sure if it’s just me, or have anyone else experienced it before.

It was three years ago that after I drank one bottle of apple cider in a sports bar while chill out with friends (not apple cider vinegar, I tried to search online and all results appears were just that instead of the actual alcoholic drink). During the chit-chats I felt weird with my body over time. It all started from fast heartbeats, I thought it’s normal from the drink l and ignored it, then it hits me different, like my vision were gradually filled with the tv snowflakes thingy (like the feeling when you suddenly stand up) until I literally can’t see anything besides of that, totally blocking my view.

Also, my body got soooo weak ang light-headed, like I can’t stand or even talk properly that I have to ask my friend to help at that point I can’t think anymore. My limbs wasn’t supporting anymore atm and they all felt numb-ish. He thought I was drugged in the bar and he got panicked, what he did was to quickly move me and grabbed me back up to his car, so he can decide whether he should send me to hospital or my home, cz I was literally collapsing on my seat.

Eventually he had to carry me back in the car, get a/c on, and check if I’m fine. The whole process lasted like 5-10 minutes, and I slowly got back normal and just feeling extremely tired, and hell I completely remembered what happened in the bar, and just felt so embarrassed atm. I swear to God I usually can get like a bottle of red wine or cans of beers or smtg and still be sober, but strangely I never felt that bad, even worse than throwing up, and I have never in my life blacked out from alcohol, nor hangover to the point that I can’t recall things.

I don’t think I was being drugged, cz I never leave my seat, didn’t went to bathroom. I was holding the drink all time, in front of me is where my friend sat, he definitely didn’t see anyone came nearby, and I looked at him during the chatting, there’s no way that he did smtg without me noticing. And that shit happened to me another time (like a week after the incident) with another group of friends, with shorter period of time.

And ever since that two times of collapsing with apple cider, I never have anything like that again, I’m totally fine with any drinks now as usual. Also, I’m not a heavy drinker or smtg. Not sure this was like an allergy, or panic attack(?), or I’m just being drugged(?). Has anyone experienced smtg like that before? If so, have you figured out what that is I’m so curious.

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