How high were the chances of me dying last night?

I once accidentally drank way too much up to a point of complete black out. Everything that follows, is what my friends told me: I did do some stupid things in the club and talked like a complete drunk guy (slow and wothout meaning). I was able to walk around with no major balance issues. At one point the alcohol made me dizzy though and I had to take a seat. My friend got me some water and after I recoverd and stood up and walked around again, he called me an uber. At this point my last drink was about 45–60 min ago. The uber driver drives me home for about 15 min and at this point my memory returns for a short period of time: I get home, l look at myself in the mirror and think: “damn I’m hammered.” And then i proceed to go pee. I sit down and put on some yt video and start peeing, suddenly my stomach starts hurting and I get the feeling of throwing up. I really hate vomiting and i have always tried to avoid blasting out a full load ever since I was a kid. And so I surpressed it that night too. So I’m starting to spit out small bits of vomit right in front of me and I am continuously swallowing. I did create a small soup of small dark liquidy bits of vomit (i drank jack daniels and coke) and spit on the floor. When the feeling of throwing up went away, I cleaned it up. And at this pont my memory fades again. Apperantly I showered (hair was soft and shower sink was wet) put something on and went to sleep.

The next day I wake up and this scared the heck out of me (my first real black out experience). Hangover was present but I’ve experienced worse ones. I start doing some researching to get a picture of how drunk I was. Then I find thath the most dangerous thing when getting too drunk and passing out (I dont think I passed out. I really think I just went to sleep) is, that you’ll choke on your own vomit. Considering that i had to vomit but i proceeded to hold it in scared me even more. This experience really “traumatized” me. The only hope I have that this is was just a bad alcohol experience rather than a near death experience is, that i was “sober” enough to control my vomit.

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