Gave the waitress a $20 tip

Went to a bar with 4 friends. Just drinking and chatting, I was by FAR the most hammered, when the waitress walked by again,

“Hey guys, you done or another round?”

“Another round please and thanks”

“Sounds good, be right back” she walked away. My friends started talking about whatever and I just leaned in and whispered,

“Guys she’s so pretty. I’ve got to say something”

“How about no? You’re drunk and it’s creepy as shit”

“Yeah you can’t hit on a waitress man. Especially at a bar. Especially when you’re drunk”

“No I’m not gonna hit on her, I just want to chat”

“That’s equally creepy man, you’re still the drunk stranger wanting to randomly ask her about herself”

“We’re coming back sometime right?”

“Yes, if you really want to talk with her, just do it next time, space your drinks out a bit and have less” everyone agreed with him on that idea.

“I’ll just give her a tip when she comes back”

“You think that’s gonna go somewhere?”

“No I’m not stupid, it’s just a nice thing to do”

She came back with our drinks, I pulled a $5 bill out, handed it to her, “Here take this”

“Oh, uh, that’s very nice but you don’t have to”

“Nah nah just take it”

“Are you sure?”

“I insist, busy night you’ve probably got a lot on your plate”

“Thank you sir, that’s very nice of you”

She took the $5 bill and put it in her pocket, I turned to my friends and started drinking, a couple of them were trying not to laugh.

“You really just gave her a 20 didn’t you?”

“No? That was a 5” I looked in my wallet. Then looked up at them, “I gave her a 20 oh shit”

They all started laughing, and I don’t know why it took me THIS long to feel like a creep in this situation but I started getting genuinely scared I was coming off as, ya know, creepy. I am almost always self conscious about that in a lot of situations I really shouldn’t be, but don’t know why that took this long to kick in. When we were leaving I was “You guys we can never go here again”

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