I can go months without drinking nor even thinking about it, but as soon as I drink one beer the next day I feel the urge to drink again, and the following days the same thing.

I am a bit worried. Did I ever have an alcohol problem? No.

It’s like drinking even one beer suddenly will not necessarily make me want to drink much more the same day. But the next day, I’ll clench all my thirsts and satiate all hungers and I actually need something more – turns out – an alcoholic beverage. It’s been like that for the last years, noticed it back then. Suddenly new thirst appears and alcohol quenched it. Now it’s getting worse, I guess. For example this week after months of nothing I drank:

2-4 beers day 1 2-4 beers day 2 4 beers day 3 nothing day4 nothing day5 strong cravings day6

I don’t know if I ever had an alcohol problem. I used to party a lot (5+ days out a week) during university years, but I had zero problems with stopping that.

The only alarming things:

that urge days after the fact that if I drink a lot of water before sleep – no matter how much I drank I won’t get a hangover really

Advice? Anybody has the same condition?

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