how can I drink normally again?

25 male here and I fucked up about 3 months ago. It was my bday and I downed 15 drinks in a little less than 2 hours. Ended up with a bac of .3 and vomiting everywhere nonstop. I can’t even stand to look at vodka or tequila anymore. The thought of it just makes me gag.

However, even when I try to drink a couple beers I still seem to get a bit nauseous. Not from the taste or smell but just from drinking it. I’m going to vegas soon and we are supposed to go clubbing 3 nights in a row. I feel pretty nervous about it as I don’t know what I am going to drink. Anyone have any advice other than not to drink anymore?

Edit: the main alcohol I can’t stand to think about is titos vodka and el jimador tequila. I tried a tiny bit of titos straight today and the taste made me nauseous immediately. I tried Fireball and it went down smooth and easy.

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