Pink Whitney ruins everything

Screw pink whitney. This stuff is so despicable. Was at a another friends place one night with my bestie around 3:30am. We had already had a few drinks and considering the size of me and my best friend we were already not doing to well. Looking in the drink fridge, my friend has the bright idea to bring out the fucking disgusting, most vile, life-threatening drink, known as Pink Whitney. Many may say this dreaded drink is “amazing”. No. It is so terrible I’m trying so hard to remember this story correctly that’s how messed up it makes you. Anyways, straight from the bottle my best friend starts downing this shit, this girl starts gagging and spits up all the shit in her boyfriends face as well as all over my other friend. They are drenched in this vile liquid. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Even better? I felt the need to try this drink after this incident. Never have I tasted anything so disgusting in my life. Nothing compares. Not anything in the whole world. Imagine drinking straight up isopropyl alcohol with the most disgusting taste of sweet lemonade mixed with it. With one sip you feel like vomiting everything you’ve ever ingested. Never drink Pink Whitney It will ruin everything.

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