My boyfriend’s drinking is stressing me out

My boyfriend (29M) is what I’d consider to be a heavy drinker (not uncommon to have a 6 pack of craft beer a night). His personality never changes when he’s drinking, he’s always kind, but I find the amount to be very stressful for me. I’ve talked with him about it several times, but no change.

My dad was a high functioning alcoholic — never really got worse than forgetting things, weight gain, and occasionally being embarrassing in public, but it bothered my mom a lot and worried me.

I’m not sure whether to keep encouraging my bf to get help for this or whether I’m the one who needs therapy for my hangups around this. What are everyone’s thoughts?

Edit: FWIW, I do drink. Not every day and typically only a couple of beers when I do. Have often cut that down to 1 or none in hopes he’ll follow suit, to no effect

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