does alcohol cause false memories?

last saturday i was with a group of friends and we decided to drink gin, i got pretty drunk and i started to run out of the park, i remember this guy from the group come looking for me to bring me back to the group, i remember he made me sit on a little wall, and he started to kiss my cheeks and then my lips too, he gave me few little kisses and he hugged me too, i remember holding his hand and he proposed to drive me home, and then i went back to the group with him. i never had a conversation with him and didn’t know him at all. i told all of this to one of my friends, who went and asked him if it was true and he said i ran to him and tried to kiss him. idk who to believe, he was the most sober and he had no reason to kiss me, but it’s weird imagining something so detailed. help

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