How long (in your experience) did it take for your tolerance to noticably increase?

I know it varies person to person but I trust various personal experiences over medical studies. For context I’m 6’4, weigh 190LB (86KG for those who don’t use an exclusive measurement system, come on US football Fields aren’t a measurement.) I drink 80 proof Smirnoff. Can’t give dosages but based on memory from dollar shot doses I likely take 3-4 shots on days before I work and likely 1-2 more 3-4 shot sessions on off days. After using both alcohol and weed and comparing effects I’ve deduced I enjoy alcohol more, unfortunate due to higher risk and hangover risk. My idea for tolerance balancing is 3 weeks of alcohol only minus off days were I get cross faded (it’s too great not too) and then 1 week weed only, including off days. I’d split it to 2 weeks each but without spending more to get from my friend’s plug (a financial inconvenience and a waiting game. Great plug, always out of town though. Also my friend and I are on opposite schedules due to my overnight job.)

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