want to stop getting drunk

i want to stop getting drunk. i didn’t say i want to stop drinking all together but i’m tired of being drunk. i always had the mentality since i’m young i want to experience life and have fun and the best way to be social in college is unfortunately drinking. and i knew at some point in my life i would want to stop but i just didn’t realize it would be so soon.. the only problem is i struggle to drink casually without the urge to get wasted. and maybe that’s just a maturity thing but it is definitely my constant goal whenever i drink. but my anxiety is so high from drinking. it’s expensive and i feel so sick and lazy after. i have no motivation i’m just so tired in general and i beat myself up from doing things drunk. it’s not all bad though, i’ve definitely made some of my best memories drunk and also made amazing relationships from it. but i’ve now put myself in a place where ALL my relationships are pretty much centered around going out and getting drunk. and i’m ngl i rly enjoy those amazing long nights and memories and conversations but i dont enjoy sleeping through all the daylight and wasting my money at bars and losing motivation for school and my psychical health and ESPECIALLY binge eating when i’m drunk like omfg i ate 2 sandwiches from mc donald’s at 4 am last night. i have just pretty much wired my brain to think the only way to have fun is drunk and that i hate being sober. but i’m so tired of being tired.

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