Healthier Drinking Alternatives over Whiskey & Coke?


I’ve been getting into a more healthy lifestyle and have been doing great at it! However, lately, I am drinking more at night (Jack & Coke) and while I’m not ready to stop drinking completely (I’m 24), I’d like to start on a healthier alternative.

I drink more for something to do at night, and I also like the sweetness of the coke, now that I eat healthily, the coke is more of a treat.

Anyway, without getting into stories too much, I’m looking for a Whiskey & Coke alternative. I am completely open to anything so long as it doesn’t give me headaches if I drink too much.

Some ideas I’ve come across on other Reddit posts:

Whiskey & Coke/Soda Zero | It’s better, but whiskey still has a ton of calories. I’m also here for the coke sweetness, couldn’t ever get into the Zero or Diet options. Whiskey & Club Soda/Water | Same as above, lots of calories in Jack/Whiskeys. Seltzers | I have tried a few when they first came out but never found anything that I really enjoyed.

I pretty much expect any suggestions to be seltzers and I’m okay with that! I live in the Midwest if that helps with any suggestions.

Thanks for reading!

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