What alcohol should I drink as a beginner ?

Hey I’m a 23 year Boy I have never liked alcohol as a beginner I first tried a rum name Mc dowells celebration rum and it was ok like no problem sipping it it was a bit bitter after drinking two shots of 30 ml with water I was feeling warm over my face and a bit of sweating my friends didn’t like the brand much . The next was also a Rum the most popular rum in our country Old monk rum xxx after drinking a shot of 30 ml with coke I was feeling nausea and chest burn a lot of acid reflux it has 42.8 alcohol content it was a bad experience for me as a newbie . After that I tried a famous whiskey called VAT69 it was not suitable for me I guess I had a mild headache and mild stomach ache and diarrhoea after a one shot of it pain in my stomach and no sleep for the night, so please kindly help me suggesting what alcohol should I try and tips while drinking would be appreciated thank you so much Note : I have only drink alcohol mentioned above and not anything else

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